Review | Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation

Okay, so seriously, let's take a moment of silence for this foundation... 

I've been searching and searching for a perfect drug store foundation, and I've finally found it! 
I'd been wanting to try the covergirl out last stay fabulous, but it's not available in the UK :( anyway, I heard that Max Factor and Covergirl are partially the same brand, and that this is the dupe for that foundation! It claims to have to be a concealer, have a built in primer, and be a foundation. This is how it went..

So I apply this onto a moisturised face (Simple - kind hydrating moisturiser) and dab it on using a damp beauty blender. I noticed how instantly flawless it went onto my skin, it's medium coverage but definitely build able without looking cakey what so ever. 

I have oily, slightly acne prone skin (teenage hormones are the worst) and this really controlled my oil, with only 1 powder touch up on my t-zone throughout the day.
It lasts throughout my whole school days without going patchy or flakey, except for where I've scratch my face of course haha.
I asked my step sister about half way through the day, "how does my skin look?" And she said it looks as if I'd only just applied my foundation! 

The ONLY con with this foundation is that is does slightly oxidize throughout the day, so I bought 1 shade lighter than my normal shade and it was perfect! 

For £11.99 , which Is a pretty good price for a foundation this good , I definitely recommend it! 

Tell me some of your favourite drug store foundations. 
R x x 

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