A few makeup favourites

Recently I've noticed how often I reach for these items, and how much I love them! So i thought I'd share with you guys. X x

Maybelline - Baby Skin, Maybelline Colour sensational lipstick - 630 velvet beige, Sleek blush - Rose gold, No7 essentially naturally foundation - cool vanilla, Loreal mascara - flutter.

There was a little phase where everyone bought the Baby skin primer, I didn't really think much of it until I was in need of a new primer, so I thought I'd give this one a go! So many aspects of this product really make me like it. It gives a suppperrrr smooth finish and really helps to keep my makeup on all day. I usually find that silicone based primers really clog my pores, however this doesn't which is a bonus. However that does lead on to a disclaimer, it claims to be an 'instant pore eraser' , but this doesn't seem to work for me. Though that does not put me off the product - totally worth the small amount of £7.99.

Next up is the another AMAZING maybelline product, this Colour sensational lipstick - velvet beige has been a non-stop wear since I bought it last month. It is ridiculously long lasting through a long school day, with at least 1 touch up. It applies with a slight shine but throughout the day it turns matte which I love! Definitely a must have everyday pink-brown. 

I've also been loving the Sleek blush - rose gold. Who doesn't love a good rose gold blush! It's sooo pigmented, and has the gold sheen so there is practically no need for a highlight. Such a gorgeous blush and definitely recommend for anyone who loves there blushes. 

I've been trying to use less thick foundation, simply because I have young skin and don't want to be too harsh on it. It tried all the bb creams but nothing ever seemed to work! Funnily enough, my grandma uses the No7 essentially natural foundation in cool vanilla, and we both love it! It's medium coverage, but very build able. It's so hydrating and leaves a smooth finish on the skin. It's a bit on the pricier side at £9.95 but it's so worth it. I apply with clean fingertips if I'm looking for a natural finish, or I use my damp beauty blender for a more fuller finish. :) 

Last but not least, is the Loreal mascara - flutter. This is such a unique mascara I think, it goes on so nicely, de-clumps a swell as lengthens your lashes in just one coat. To add more volume I use to coats. It's not waterproof but doesn't smudge or move stall from my lashes! 

Let me know what some of your favourite items are at the moment! 
God bless, 
R x x 

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