Tumblr Addict!

Recently, I've been obsessed with Tumblr! I just think it's the most creative, beautiful place to find a range of amazing Fashion, Creativity, Poetry, Quotes, Celebraties, EVERYTHING! It's like an individual's own personal diary or world, you have the freedom and confidence to write and share your thoughts and feelings, without the necessity to be conscious on what others may think. On the other hand it can simple be a place to find fashion inspiration or a place to share your hobbies and talents. 
I don't have a particular category for my Tumblr, I simply just re-blog and post whatever appeals to me.
My Tumblr : rosieann180.tumblr.com

These are a few of my favourite blogs on Tumblr
Http://www.Lovelymileyyyy.tumblr.com (all about Miley Cyrus ;) ) 
Http://www.avirginsbeauty.tumblr.com (amazing inspirational and uplifting posts.) 
Http://www.ofthebeach.tumblr.com (fashion, makeup, California loveeeee)
Http://www.iwilltrustinyou.tumblr.com (Inspirational Christian blog) 
Http://www.niamabarcelona.tumblr.com (a little bit of everything) 

There's my little ramble about my ridiculous Tumblr obsession! 

God bless
R x x

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