20 facts about me!

I know I know, I haven't posted for ages! That's one of my New Years resolutions out the window...
I have no excuses, I've just been very lazy, yes I am ashamed *sigh*. I promise I will get organised with my posting patterns!

Anyway now we've got that aside, I thought I'd do a 20 facts about me! 

1. My full name is Rosie Ann Page.
2. I'm 14, born on the 18th of August! (The youngest yet tallest.)
3. I'm really weird and really annoying.. 
4. I have a love for everything beauty!
5. I'm so passionate about music and acting.
6. I'm a Christian. (Jesus Freak and proud.) 
7. I am terrified of spiders, clowns, lifts and being far out in the sea.
8. I don't understand the purpose of being mean, just why?
9. Tumblr addict!
10. When I was a little toddler, when I went to my best friends house (hey Coralie if you're reading this!)   I'd go to the bathroom and turn the taps on, put the plug in, and let the sink overflow.. I was never allowed to the toilet by myself after that.
11. I'm 5ft 10. 
12. Jamaica is my favourite place.
13. I love whales, dolphins and penguins.
14. Pink pink pink pink pink
15. Right now I'm wearing a Pringles tshirt and PJ shorts. Classy.
16. Makeup stores are my second homes..
17. My all time favourite fragrance is DKNY be delicious, mmmmmm
18. I've been debating wether to start a YouTube channel, still can't decide!
19. I'm so lazy when it comes to sorting my hair out!
20. I work as a waitress, woo!

Why don't you comment some random facts about you? :) 
God bless.
R x x

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