MeMeMe Shimmer Stack 'bronze'

Recently I purchased a hair curler (random I know) which came with a free MeMeMe Shimmer Stack in Bronze at first I didn't really think much of this product, as I had never heard of the brand and
thought it was just a freebee.
I however decided to give it a try, and fell INLOVE! I didn't realise how gorgeous it looks, I use it with a blusher brush and sweep it across my cheekbones and it gives a beautiful highlighted and bronzed look, without having to use more than that product alone. 

Despite the name 'shimmer stack' it doesn't actually give off a lot of shimmer, which is even better as I don't like heavily shimmer cheeks. It gives a slight shimmer but very fine and not "glittery".

I knew eventually I would want to re-purches this product, so I had a bit of a google and found it was only £9.99 from the MeMeMe website.

There is one negative with this product, which is the packaging. I find that it is very big and bulky for what is inside, it's hand because it has a mirror, though it's not the most makeup bag friendly.

Other than that, I love this product! 

Let me know if you try it!
God bless. 
R x x

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