I never make New Years resolution, however a few have popped up in my mind so I thought I'd share with you. :)

Write a diary
As a Christmas gift I was given a 'secret diary' , at first I thought of it as a humorous gift: 

But I then came to the conclusion that writing a diary can be good for the mind, letting out your deepest thoughts and feelings into your own personal book can be great to unclog the mind and express yourself. There doesn't need to be any secrets, it's your book, your decisions on what you want to write inside. 

I need to really focus on my school work, my exam year is ahead soon and I want to get the bests grades I possibly can. I'm not really used to the aspect of all the course work ahead so I need to step up my game. Study study study!

Blog blog blog 
As of having a bit of bloggers block the past few months, I've decided I need to think ahead and organise my blogposts, as soon as ideas pop into my head i need to write them down!! I need to begin to write and share a bigger variety of posts, and try to get at least 2-3 posts up a week. :) 

Share with me what your New Years Resolutions are! 
God bless.
R x x

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